Cucalorus is coming! Cucalorus is coming! ...What the heck is a Cucalorus?

In simple terms, Cucalorus is Wilmington's version of South by Southwest.  It started out as a film festival, but it has expanded to include panels, speakers and workshops on emerging tech and entrepreneurship.  

Here are some highlights of people that will be featured under this "Connect" expansion. 


Your very own CFWIT has teamed up with Tech Talent South to provide a free coding workshop for ladies.  Please pass this information along to your friends!

Also, you can get a sneak peak of CFWIT's January speaker.  Our most recent guest speaker, Julie Thomas, and our speaker for January,  Sandy Howe, are going to be featured on the same panel

So if you're interested in these events, please come participate to make this year's Cucalorus festival a success!