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Increasing Your Value in Dollars and Cents

We live in a market economy where our social currency has been defined by money. If you do not know how to play, you cannot build your social currency. 

This workshop is designed to build financial confidence and hone your presentation skills specific to increasing your revenue through requesting a raise or selling a product. This begins by knowing your business, or personal, value in dollars and cents. Learn to explain what you bring to the table and what would be missed if they do not support your request. No matter if you are asking for a raise or pitching your business you need to be ready sell your product (yes, which may be you!) whenever the opportunity arises.



Speaker Bio:
Dr. Smith has successfully navigated a number of careers from Air Force Officer, Business Owner, Consultant, Professor of Business and Economics, University Administrator (Chair, Dean and Director) and USAF Civil Servant specializing in economic strategy and efficiencies. The common threads have been an ability to communicate change, build consensus, commitment to ethical behavior and a belief in the power of diversity and shared successes.