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Curating Your Expertise: A Practical Guide to Being a Generalist in Tech

Join us for our August event with Tiffany Kuchta, a full stack developer and lead engineer at Quandarymat.

This event will encompass focusing on ways to leverage the overlap between what you do and what others on your team do. Tiffany will be using a case study from her own experience and may also touch on how this concept often plays out in startups and how to recognize when it's time to start specializing.

Note: Our August event is not the fourth Tuesday of the month as usual, but has an earlier date. This is a one-time date change, and September will return to our regular schedule.


About Tiffany Kuchta

Tiffany is a full stack developer and lead engineer at Quandarymat, a Pittsburgh-based (but distributed!) web development shop. She has been building web applications since they were called "web pages" (1999). These days the bulk of her work is eCommerce applications and project stabilization. Tiffany is passionate about diversity in tech, solving problems with code, building things out of other things, EMPATHY always, and sassy tee shirts usually.



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